Monday, December 14, 2015

BEHEMOTH The Epic $25 Smoker I found on Craigslist!

I literally live on the Pacific coastline.  Everything turns to rust here.  My nice bbq's, smokers and pretty much anything metal that I have in Pacifica, CA has not lasted long over the years of living here.  I was planning on smoking a full rack of Prime Rib and started looking on Craigslist for a second hand big one.  I SCORED THE BEST CUSTOM MADE EPIC SMOKER EVER!
It was bigger than I expected, we had to strap it to the top of my Honda Passport!

Matt, the man who sold it to me had a forklift and set it on top of my ride.


Matt Pumphrey has a shop in Cupertino and restores vintage cars.
He gave me a tour of his shop!


 When I arrived he said, 
"I didn't expect a woman." 

I told him about this Bad Girl BBQ Blog and of my glamping adventures and event planning.  He soon learned that that Real Woman BBQ!  He was totally cool and helped me get this giant smoker on top of my car.  It was Only $25! Oh and did I say it was only $25!!?  $25 !  OMG!  I keep pitching myself.  : )  Best Purchase I have made off of Craigslist EVER!

It would have broken my heart to spend big bucks on a nice smoker only to see it fall apart in a year from the salt air.  It's these kinds of finds that are THE BEST!  My pals Paul & Gerard helped me get the smoker down from my car.  I cleaned her up and used her for the first time this weekend.  I had a big birthday celebration at the house and I smoked a 19 pound full rack of Prime Rib.

It's funky and awesome! I'll give her a good sanding & fresh paint soon.
Lots of room for indirect grilling & smoking!
This is a normal size charcoal briquette next to the Premium Hardwood Charcoal I use.

Huge BBQ grate too!  I used Apple & Cherry wood.
Prime rib rub of fresh Rosemary, Sage, Garlic, Coarse Kosher Salt, Black Pepper

130 degrees F. Perfect Medium Rare.

It was yummy!
The whole menu was pretty good. 
Rave Reviews from the Party Feasters! 
I'll post the recipes soon.
Photo from Saturday, Cheers & Happy Holidays!