Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Making of The Boomerang Bar

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For the past ten years I have had the pleasure to try out all kinds of new recipes on a big group of silly, talented, fun friends.  They have been my secret “Glamping Test Kitchen.” 

Everything I have brought to camp has been something I have never made before. It has been an experiment every time and they have been my brave and appreciative testers. The things that came out great get published here on this Blog and I may even publish an Official Glamping Cookbook after I try out more recipes in a few more challenging and different camping terrains.

This year, with the mechanical skills of Derek France, my 1973 T2 Swank VW Leopard Lounge Bus Camper is being overhauled with a new/rebuilt long block 2.0 liter dual carb engine.  The Leopard Lounge has been the offical bar car of Artcar Fest in years past, but she never had her own REAL BAR.... UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the help of the fabulous Paul Mc Gregor, an awesome friend with mad bar making skills, we designed and built a portable retro style full size Boomerang Bar to go with the Swank VW Bus Camper so I can take her out into the world and “Glamorously Camp” in delicious retro cocktail style and share her with you and many new adventurous friends! 

The bar is 4 pieces and folds up flat and fits in my VW Bus. It's amazingly lightweight and anchors into the ground or on top of a hard surface.  There are latches underneath that keep it firmly fitted together.  It has two shelves in the back.  The whole bar is trimmed with aluminum to keep it protected and gives it strength and sexy clean lines.  I did the glamoring part, the upholstering, painting and the bar top. It looks like glass!  To make sure it would survive the hardest of parties, I used 3 coats of Extra Hard Marine Grade Flame Resistant Polymer Resin and the last and top finishing coat of Ultra-Glo Polymer Coating.

It seats 8 people comfortably, 10 if you count 2 bartenders behind it. All the stools fold up for easy storage as well.   

Here is a video of the making of The Boomerang Bar and some photo's of her first glamping trip:

A Huge Thanks to Paul Mc Gregor, the master builder, and genius of this sexy sweet cocktail fantasy come to life! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who kindly helped break her in and contribute the many sweet bar gifts at her grand opening party!

If you want to come see her for yourself or try out some great glamping food, come out and "Glamp" with us!!!  To find out more about "Glamping" visit:

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