Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 2 ~ Foodie Rehab Juice Fasting Journal & Recipes

I weaned myself off of morning coffee a couple weeks back, so the caffeine withdrawal is minimal.  The energy blast from a big glass of fresh OJ….mmmmm… it takes 5 small oranges to make one pint of juice, worked faster then coffee as far as waking up.   I went down to the local fabric store and bought a fabric tape measure to take my measurements.  Honestly, weight loss is secondary in this liquid fast.  I know I will lose a bunch of weight, but the detoxing is what I am after.

Had another green drink this afternoon added more carrots this time.  I slept great last night, longer then usual, which is nice.  I keep reminding myself to be gentle with myself - this clease is also about nurturing and patience.  I made some fresh chicken stock a while back that I thawed out from the freezer and had a nice hot cup of fresh clear broth tonight.  I haven’t felt really hungry yet, which is weird considering I have had nothing but liquid for two days now.  Not feeling deprived.  When I feel a little hungry, I go have some juice, it’s easy so far.  It may be easier that I am not working or doing anything strenuous, I’m more then halfway through Whitley Striebers new book, The Key , slight headache, probably because I refuse to get the dreaded bifocals or maybe it's just this book blowing my mind. 

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