Monday, April 23, 2012

Trés Good Day Pale Ale

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Hey home brewers, here's a recipe I made yesterday you may want to try out!  This easy beer recipe was brewed in my kitchen while listening to Levon Helm - Up On Cripple Creek - Circa 1969, God rest his soul.

5 lbs Dry Pale Malt Extract
2 lbs Vienna Malt
½ lb Flaked Barley
1 oz Liberty Hops
1 oz Mt. Hood Hops
1 oz Fresh orange zest (last 15 min. boil)
One Package White Labs California Ale IV Yeast 
Renders 5 gallons of love.
Need Ingredients or gear?  Go see Gris at San Francisco Brewcraft or order stuff online here from their website!

He set me up with his "Lawnmower Slammer Pale Ale recipe", but I modified it with some fresh orange zest and noodled around with the hops a bit.  This is a nice light crisp blonde colored beer that is delightfully quaffable for nice hot days coming up soon.  I've made this before.  It’s refreshing and has a slight orange nose with a hoppy finish.  This one can be ready in 20 days!  Brew your own 5 gallons of beer for less than $40 total!  Serve It Cold!

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