Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook!

Are you looking for a great new recipe to take over to your nagging in-laws or need to surprise your friends with some REAL COMFORT FOOD?

This first-ever cookbook from High Times magazine—the world’s most trusted name when it comes to getting stoned—is the deliciously definitive guide to cannabis-infused cooking. Easy, accessible recipes and advice demystify the experience of cooking with grass and offer a cornucopia of irie appetizers and entrees, stoner sweets, cannabis cocktails, and high-holiday feasts for any occasion, from Time Warp Tamales and Sativa Shrimp Spring Rolls to Pico de Ganja Nachos and Pineapple Express Upside-Down Cake. 

Delectable color photos and recipes inspired by stoner celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Cheech and Chong, and Willie Nelson will spark the interest of experienced cannabis cooks and “budding” chefs, whether they’re looking for the perfect midnight munchie or just to take dinner to a higher level. 

Shumthin Shumthin in the Pumpkin...
Oh what could I bring to that ladies church luncheon this weekend?
Did Someone Say Great Quiche?
We promise there won't be a morsel left at the end of the party.
Serve These For A Guaranteed GREAT Party!

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