Friday, February 3, 2012

The Dante’s Cocktail

Here is a drink recipe from Nicole Adams.  She says: (If Red Wine around the house has been opened a little too long or no longer exists) Here are some ingredients you need to round up for the best martini in the land:

4 Oven Roasted Beets
1 cup Agave
1 Jalapeno
3 cups of Tequila (Preferably something smoky, like an Anejo)
2 lemons

Dice jalapeno and infuse into Agave Nectar.  While that is getting nice and spicy, puree beets with lemon juice.  Throw infused agave into beet mixture and continue to puree.  Strain the mixture, and mix with tequila.  Shake, Chill, and Serve Up.  Garnish with a slice of jalapeno.

Between the last minute food and drink recipes, using ideas that you didn’t even know you had, you should be a heroine to your guests in no time.  Feed them, give them a cocktail, and forget the weekend wait at your neighborhood restaurant.  Levels of inappropriate, will become appropriate in no time.

Thanks Nicole I can't wait to try this one out!!!!

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