Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 19 ~ Foodie Rehab Juice Fasting Journal & Recipes

It’s day 19 of my juice fast and it’s going well. I bought a couple nice thermos’s for taking to work (I start a new contract job on Monday) so I will be making the live veggie & fruit juices and storing them in the refrigerator ala thermos. I understand as long as they are not exposed to air and stay cold, they are still nutrient rich and good to drink.

So far in the last 19 days I’ve lost 18 pounds and 8 inches all over my body total.

The Shingles have not returned, my joints feel looser and my skin looks radiant and clearer. I feel good. I feel calm, empty and more grounded. Some days I’m full of energy, some not so much. I notice it’s the Green drinks that satiate me the most. When I start jonesing for food or when someone is cooking something I love, I make a cup of Miso broth or organic vegetable or chicken broth to sip on, and that fills the emotional void… so to speak. Good food is so much more reliable then Good Sex, let's hope that will change soon.

I have been dreaming about food and have made a list of the things I want to eat after I break my fast. I can’t imagine not adding live green juice to my daily diet after this detox. It may be the best breakfast commute on the go meal I could do. It is true, once you go this many days on a juice fast, the thought of food smells good, sounds good and all, but actually eating is something else completely.

When your body starts cleaning out, the energy that used to be digesting all the food is now working on repairing and healing and balancing the whole body. It is a rare and sensitive feeling, all of my senses are enhanced and my mind is much clearer. I am cherishing this feeling and don’t want to lose it. It may be true that when the body gets the nutrition it needs, you don’t feel hungry. I am more aware of what foods I was addicted to, mostly fat, sugar and caffeine.

 I’ll say that when I do eat in the future, I am going to make it worth it. I am not a fan of dieting, but eating one nice meal a day and juicing the rest of the day sounds doable at least on work days, weekends I want to cook, BBQ and party. This may require me to juice fast at least 10 days a month on a regular basis. I am just glad I have finally found some healthy way to balance out my health and eating.

I’m looking younger, sexier and feeling better everyday. Having this handled gives me sense of confidence and a hope that my personal rig is cleaner and less acidic and more of an alkaline inside which makes it less likely to develop Diabetes, Cancer or other major illnesses. It’s the least I could do for living my life the way I have for the first half of it. There is sooooo much I want to learn, see and do…. I’ve GOT to be in GOOD SHAPE for the last half!

My Favorite Green Juice Recipe:

6 leaves Kale

2 cups Spinach

1/2 Cucumber

4 stalks Celery

2 Apples

1” Ginger root

1 Key Lime

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  1. I'm so proud of you Tre! Can't wait to hug your healthy butt real soon.

    Miz Zest