Monday, July 11, 2011

Bad Girls Brewing Good Beer & Hard Summer Cider

There is nothing better than brewing beer in the back yard with good friends. I am fortunate enough to have great home brewer friends to rub shoulders with and one in particular is Valerie Wilson – The Lady Gordon herself. She has been making home brew at Renaissance Faire for well over a decade. She has the whole ornate set-up and does old style brewing demonstrations for the crowds walking by. She is a kick in the pants and knows her stuff and I am glad to learn all I can from her about brewing beer.

This weekend I brewed a nice Summer Ale. It’s hot as hell this summer and I wanted something crisp, quaffable and pale, “Grizz” the owner of Brewcraft in San Francisco came up with a special one for me. Grizz is so much fun, I love that guy! The whole crew is great, but Grizz has the best stories and brewing recipes. I recommend getting your brew ingredients there, plus they are open on Sunday’s.

Ready to add hops...

Cooled and ready for the carboy....

Valerie made a Hard Plum Cider with fresh plums from her own tree.

They will be nice for the big camping party in the fall.  Camping is so much nicer with copious amounts of home crafted liquid love.  My buddy Paul donated some of his brew equipment which included his C02 tank.  No need to bottle these batches, they are going in 5 gallon soda kegs.  The Odd Grogs, (a brewing posse of amazing California State Champion Home brewers that I'm lucky enough to be a part of) usually brew at least 50 gallons of beer for the party.  Jack & Debbie have 19 taps of Multi Flavored Hard Ciders they bring, the kind of cider you need a prescription to drink.  I mean most of them are super high octane, you will be feeling no pain with one glass.  Gotta be careful drinking them, but that's why the bar is close enough to the path to your tent. Tuck and Roll. I won't even mention Chez Newt's Slow Toxic Amphibian Bar, who makes his own Absinthe, he is a wine maker and a fine Home brewer, his high end fine cocktail bar is the reason I now like Gin Martini's, best bar ever in Black Rock City, NV. Newt has 5 gallon kegs of Margiritas, Mojitos ready... just tap over ice.  Lord have Mercy.

Outstanding Beer, Great BBQ, Incredible Musicians, Fun Music, Very Silly Friends...camping together in style....and this season there will be Plum Cider and... Hey, I've got to think of a name for the beer.  Any suggestions?


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  2. Great to see this news on Women bier brauerei of day. I have tasted this twisted pine bier and really like the way they brew the beer.

  3. Great blog, All my Cider are in storage location , so it's keep my house clean.

  4. Do you have a bottle washer ? This can be very useful if you make a lot of beer...

    Bill, VT