Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Aparagus on the grill

Bite into freshly grilled asparagus wrapped in savory chewy and crunchy bacon with a melty cheese filled surprise. Let’s face it, anything wrapped in bacon is just BETTER. This one is a great one!

24 spears of fresh asparagus
12 slices of bacon
6 slices of Jack Cheese cut long length wise
BBQ Grill set up for indirect grilling 

COOKING MUSIC SELECTION: Lovin' Spoonful - Summer In The City 

PREPARATION: Lay out your asparagus like this:

So the jack cheese is in the middle.
Wrap the bundles tightly with two slices of bacon so that no cheese is showing.
Fire up your grill for indirect grilling. There will be flare up on these no matter what you do due to the bacon fat melting. I suggest to not walk away from these. Grill them slowly until bacon is golden and slightly charred. Slice up and serve hot.


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