Monday, June 23, 2008

Classic Beer Cocktails

Get a super frosty mug out of your freezer and try one of these classic beer cocktails with a nice local Micro brew... Have fun and invent your own.

BEER DRINKING MUSIC SELECTION: Asylum Street Spankers - Beer

Lager and lime:
Add a dash of lime juice or lime cordial to a light lager.
Snakebite:Mix your favorite beer (usually a heavier beer, like stout, works well) half and half with cider.

Beer Bloody Mary:
Mix beer and tomato juice, half and half. Add a dash of Tabasco and a dash of Worcestershire.
Red Eye: Add a shot of tomato juice to any ale or lager (this cocktail is also known as Tomato Beer or a Red Rooster). If you add a splash of Tabasco, the drink becomes a Ruddy Mary.

Dark beer and orange juice.

Skip and go naked:
Combine beer, lemon juice and gin, with a dash of grenadine.

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